A List about Lists

You can say that I have an obsession for lists. As an SEO and content writer, I’ve had a lot of experience in coming up with 500 words or so of detailed descriptions and explanations for assigned topics. According to those web writing guides I’ve read over and over again, people commonly like the information in this format, so lists are staple for the virtual writer if he or she seeks more audience.

I can still remember how I alphabetized my list of words when I was in grade school. I loved how my student record book as a teacher was so neat and in full order. But personally, I think that lists do present several advantages for the writer him or herself…or maybe advantages, at first.

1. A list makes idea placing and rewriting easier.
When a writer brainstorms for different ideas about the topic and begins to write them all out, those ideas may prove to be too jumbled for a reader to understand. There could also be a chance that the writer couldn’t even understand his or her own writing himself. But when a writer comes up with a numbered arrangement of main thoughts, it would help arranging the appropriate supporting ideas for each.

2. Making a list is a sign of discipline.
Whenever you get to making your list of whatever comes to mind (ingredients, guide, tasks for the day, etc.), it shows that you have made personal actions towards disciplining yourself. You don’t want to settle for incoherence and mediocrity—everything should be organized and perfect. Even when you get a word misspelled, you’d itch yourself to death so you can just erase the typo out of existence and make everything clear as day.

3. But a list is a façade.
Behind every action of correcting the wrong things, there is shame for inevitable errors. We’re not just talking about errors in making lists—we’re talking about errors in life. Whenever we make a list, our subconscious is quietly pushing out the wrongs to a ditch, while pulling in the “new me” bull crap we tell ourselves, specifically during the start of the year and our birthdays.

It is one of the subtle manifestations of our denial about being weak and insignificant. The truth is every single human being is trying to make their own ‘lists’ every day, trying to cope with life’s harsh reality, and managing to smile at the end of the day. I hope one day we don’t need to make lists to prove ourselves, because everything and everyone would be in their rightful places.

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