New Learning Project: Spread Some TED

          Okay, that is some lame title for the project, so that would be subject to change when the perfect title hits me right in the head. Welcome to my new project!

            I’ve been on a hiatus for a few days, not because I have no clue where to start with SpotLy (Speaking of the Lyrics), but because I don’t have the motivation to start new posts. Instead, I had this brilliant learning project idea to feature TED-Talks and TED-Ed videos so I could learn more stuff even just during my free time.

             What is TED? According to their official website, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and legitimately started in 1984. They started as a conference but is now a worldwide organization providing various information regarding any topic you could possibly imagine. They are definitely a legitimate source of information, so watching their videos would be a great way to learn more about different fields and perspectives.

           Spread Some TED will be fairly simple. I plan to feature every available video on YouTube starting from their first ones so I won’t miss anything. I hope to understand the context of the videos I come upon. But because of my linguistic limits, I will only be focusing on English and Filipino videos.

             In case you’re interested, I will be updating this post for finished blog features for Spread Some TED. Keep posted!

TED-Ed Commentary List:

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