S.S. TED-Ed #1 – How Containerization Shaped the Modern World

And after a few rough and busy weeks, I’m back to start with my Learning Project! If you have read my bucket list, you would know that I recently got into two full-time jobs. Around 18 hours of my day are spent in those two, and I barely have enough time to sleep, eat, and do the other important human things. I’ll try to post as much as I could on the weekends, so just visit my blog for updates during those days.

Now let’s get to learning from our first TED-Ed video!

If you are just an ordinary person who has a limited knowledge about business and shipping, this would not come as a major issue at first glance. But when you come to think about how it affects the goods you have, it will blow definitely blow you away.

Instead of your standard international shipping time of 3-7 days, you would probably have to wait for months to receive the items you purchased. Regardless of size, shape, and weight, the shipping time would not get any faster without the concept of containerization.

Malcolm McLean lived during the Great Depression, and he just had to find ways to maintain his job. That’s how he came up with his first cargo ship, the Ideal X. Well, it’s not crazy if it works!

He was just a simple truck driver, but he made a huge difference for the whole world’s economic future. Nobody would have ever imagined the 21st century would be as improved as today if it weren’t for McLean’s genius. I wish I could dramatically change the world just like how he did, but hey, I have a different life.

Anyway, this part of history is way too underrated. Instead of focusing who won in random bloodsheds for wealth and pride, I’d rather learn about who made significant contributions such as McLean’s.

Visit the official TED-Ed website for the full-on learning experience. Wanna check out my other TED-Ed and TED-Talk commentaries? Click here for a complete and updated list. Spread the love and spread the knowledge!

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