S.S. TED-Ed #3 – Evolution in a Big City


It is a known fact that humans tend to destroy everyone and everything they come in contact with, but I just did not expect that even building parks and buildings in an area could make drastic changes to anyone’s DNA.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, “improving” natural areas into tourist spots and human-friendly areas will definitely affect how animals would fare in the next decades. The speaker was right to emphasize the idea that these changes could make or break their future existence in the face of the earth.

Why is this so important? Because as far as I know, this phenomenon can not only affect animals but also humans as well. We have DNA too you know! Our paleolithic ancestors had different DNA back then, but they survived just the same with enough time to spread their genes and eventually come up with us.

Our own lifestyles and addresses are definitely changing our lifespans. Whichever area we pick, whether rural or urban, it will tweak your strengths and weaknesses in every aspect of your life. Oh, I wish we weren’t too free about our choices of living. We’re all basically killing ourselves and our grandchildren with our poor decisions and impulses.

This is obviously an ongoing research since it still needs more research on the matter. I’ll be looking forward to those updates.

Visit the official TED-Ed website for the full-on learning experience. Wanna check out my other TED-Ed and TED-Talk commentaries? Click here for a complete and updated list. Spread the love and spread the knowledge!

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