S.S. TED-Ed #4 – How Many Universes are There?

As a Quantum Physics enthusiast, I greatly enjoyed the contents of this video. Well, I wish I could say that I’m quite knowledgeable in the field, but I’m afraid that I haven’t gotten into reading a lot of the major literature I should read as an enthusiast. SHAME.

Personally, I believe in the multiverse theory. This presentation makes you think how insignificant you are as an invisible speck in all these parallel universes

That can explain the most unexplainable occurrences in our world, just like spotting someone with a cellular phone in an era which has not yet imagined anything like the device would exist, or those stories about advanced aircraft found in Antarctica but could be dated back in a technologically backward period, or those about meeting strange creatures and finding places that shouldn’t have existed.

Absolutely strange and scary, but highly interesting at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to accept such ideas when you have been indoctrinated too much about ‘absolute reality.’ It would never be easy to think that humans are not important and everything is just an illusion we try to perceive and understand.

But again, quantum physics is a very tricky field, thus the accumulation of theories that have been entitled as such for a very long time. I hope we all witness such theories to either be proved as facts or just disproved entirely.

Visit the official TED-Ed website for the full-on learning experience. Wanna check out my other TED-Ed and TED-Talk commentaries? Click here for a complete and updated list. Spread the love and spread the knowledge!


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